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This award-winning film is based on an adaptation of the biblical story of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar, from the book of Genesis, though this production is anything but biblical in its look and style. This contemporary portrait is set in a philharmonic orchestra in today’s Jerusalem. Sarah, a beautiful harpist is married to Abraham, a fiery, charismatic and authoritarian conductor of the orchestra. With no children yet, their life revolves around music until Hagar, a beautiful young horn player from East Jerusalem, joins the orchestra. Sarah and Hagar form a very close friendship, so close that Hagar offers to have Sarah’s child. The baby Ismail is born with a precocious musical ability and a wild and untamed spirit. With a dynamic musical score and astonishing orchestral performances, the drama gets complicated when Ismail discovers the true identity of his mother.


Audience Award, Shalom Europa, 

Alsace Festival of Israeli Cinema, France


Jury Award, Cyprus Film Days

"Refined and elegant, well-directed and starred in, it is a film full of layers and interpretations, undoubtedly interesting and challenging."

Italian review in Convenzionali by Gabriele Otaviani


AWARDS Harmonia

Key Bank Matinee BUTTON

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Thursday, July 13, 1:30pm, JCC Hart Theater

Director:Ori Sivan
Country: Israel
Running Time:  98
Year: 2016
Language: Arabic, Hebrew
Genre: narrative

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