July 14

Breakfast at Ina's

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Friday, July 14, 11am, JCC Hart Theater


Director: Mercedes Kane, USA, 2015, 50, English, documentary

An affectionate homage to a beloved Chicago eatery and its magnetic namesake, Ina Pinkney was an entrepreneur ahead of her time, who found a recipe for success in compassion, exacting standards and sheer willpower. Against all odds, she created a mini-empire of eateries that served generations of Chicagoans with delicious comfort food and a warm welcome to match. With her decreased mobility from post-polio syndrome, the daily routine of running her latest (West Loop) breakfast spot takes its toll. As her retirement approaches, Ina recalls the genesis of her beloved restaurant and the adversity that shaped her indomitable spirit. Her self-reliance and a passion for baking propelled her to achieve a dream to reinvent breakfast dining.

Friday, July 14, 11am, JCC Hart Theater

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