July 9


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Sunday, July 9, 1pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Jonathan Geva, Israel, 2015, 96, Hebrew, narrative

Family Friendly! Suitable for ages 10 and up.

Abulele has everything you would expect from a fantasy, family-friendly film. This E.T. - like story covers the entire rainbow of emotions, wonder and mystery. Adam, who is 10 years old, meets Abulele, an ancient, huge, friendly and invisible monster. When he befriends and shelters this delightful mythical creature, it helps him to outsmart bullies at school and overcome his grief after his brother passes on.

There are Jews Here

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Sunday, July 9, 3:30pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Brad Lichtenstein, Morgan Elise Johnson, USA, 2016, 90, English, documentary

Follow the untold stories of four once-thriving American Jewish communities that are now barely holding on. Most American Jews live in large cities where they are free to define themselves in any way they wish. But almost invisible to most of the country are roughly one million Jews scattered across far-flung communities. For them, Jewish identity is a daily urgent challenge; if they don’t personally uphold their communities and live affirmative Jewish lives, they and their legacies could fade away forever.

Women's Balcony, The

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Sunday, July 9, 7pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Emil Ben-Shimon, Israel, 2016, 96, Hebrew, narrative

A mishap at a Jerusalem synagogue causes a major rift in a devout community in this rousing, comical narrative about speaking truth to patriarchal power. What begins as a joyous celebration turns into disaster. A battle of the sexes ensues, threatening to tear apart families and friends, husbands and wives, and congregational stalwarts. Infused with genuine characters and big-hearted humor, first-time filmmaker Emil Ben-Shimon and screenwriter Shlomit Nechama fashion a compassionate portrait of modern Orthodoxy, where unity and love are rekindled by a rebellious and progressive spirit.

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