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Belle and Sebastian

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Sunday, July 12, 1pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Nicolas Vanier, France, 2014, 117min, French, narrative/family

A beloved story from the 1960s children’s book, this is the inspiring tale of the unshakable bond between young resourceful Sebastian and the giant mountain sheepdog he tames and calls Belle. Set... more »

To Life!

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Sunday, July 12, 4pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Uwe Janson, Germany, 2014, 90min, German, narrative

“Auf das Leben!,” which translates into English as “to life!” and into Hebrew as “l’chaim!,” the celebrated Jewish toast, is the unashamedly Harold and Maude-like story of two very unlikely individuals. Starring the grande dame... more »

Above and Beyond

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Sunday, July 12, 7:30pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Roberta Grossman, USA, 2014, 90min, English, Documentary/history

In 1948, group of WWll Jewish American pilots answered a call for help from the newfound Israel nation. In secret and at great personal risk, they smuggled planes out of the U.S., trained behind the... more »

Deli Man

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Monday, July 13, 11am, JCC Hart Theatre


Director: Erik Anjou, USA, 2014, 91min, English, Documentary/food

For some, delicatessen food is close to a religious experience: A tender cut of corned beef steeped in its juices; A full-bodied garlic dill pickle; Spicy brown mustard with grain; A blintz that melts in your mouth like a creamsicle... more »

God's Slave

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Monday, July 13, 1:30pm, JCC Hart Theatre


Director: Joel Novoa, Venezuela/Argentina, 2013, 91min, Spanish, Narrative/drama

Filmed on location in Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay and the U.S., this finely crafted thriller with taut performances and complex characters is an adrenaline-rushing drama set against the 1994 bombing of a... more »

Mr. Kaplan

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Monday, July 13, 6pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Alvaro Brechner, Uruguay/Germany/Spain, 2014, 98min, Spanish, Narrative/Drama/Comedy/Thriller

Jacob Kaplan has lived a good, albeit ordinary life since fleeing Europe for Uruguay. Suddenly, at 76, he agonizes over existential questions: What have I accomplished? How will I be remembered?... more »

Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amselem

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Monday, July 13, 9pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Ronit Elkabetz, Shlomi Elkabetz, Israel/Germany/France, 2014, 116min, Hebrew, Narrative/drama

In Israel, there is neither civil marriage nor civil divorce. Only rabbis can legitimate a marriage or its dissolution in... more »

The Green Prince

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Tuesday, July 14, 11am, JCC Hart Theatre


Director: Nadav Schirman, Israel, 2014, 101min, English/Hebrew, Narrative

In the style of a tense psychological thriller, this extraordinary documentary will challenge much of what you know about the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It recounts the true story of the son... more »

Anywhere Else

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Tuesday, July 14, 1:30pm, JCC Hart Theatre


Director: Ester Amrami, Germany, 2014, 85min, German, Narrative

This multi-generational heartwarmer honors the relationships between a daughter, a mother, and a beloved grandmother. Noa has been living in Berlin for 8 years now. She is about to graduate from university and recently... more »

Little White Lie

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Tuesday, July 14, 6pm, Little Theatre


Director: Lacey Schwartz, James Adolphus, USA, 2014, 66min, English, Documentary/Race/Identity

This personal documentary is about the legacy of family secrets, denial, and the power of telling the truth. What defines our identity, our family of origin or the family that raises... more »

A Borrowed Identity

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Tuesday, July 14, 9pm, Little Theatre


Director: Eran Riklis, Israel/Germany/France, 2014, 105min, Belgin, Narrative/drama

Award-winning Israeli filmmaker Eran Riklis’ (Lemon Tree, A Syrian Bride) latest film is a thoroughly engrossing adaptation of Sayed Kashua’s semi-autobiographical novel Dancing... more »

The Return

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Wednesday, July 15, 11am, JCC Hart Theatre


Director: Adam Zucker, Poland/USA, 2014, 83min, English/Hebrew/Polish, Documentary

Before WWll, Poland’s 3.5 million Jews made the country the epicenter of the Jewish world. Today, less than 20,000 Jews live there. Due to the Holocaust and the ensuing Soviet era, Poland’s remaining Jews... more »

Sacred Sperm

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Wednesday, July 15, 2pm JCC Hart Theatre


Director: Ori Gruder, Israel, 2014, 60min, Hebrew, Documentary

Ori Gruder didn’t know how to talk to his 10-year-old son about the birds and the bees. At 44, a father of six, and a member of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox religious community, he had to choose his words carefully. Or...he... more »

Beneath the Helmet

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Wednesday, July 15, 6pm, Little Theatre


Director: Wayne Kopping, Israel/USA, 2014, 89min, English/Hebrew, Documentary/war

Beneath the Helmet: From High School to the Home Front is a coming-of-age story which follows the journey of five Israeli high school graduates who are drafted into the army to... more »

24 Days

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Wednesday, July 15, 9pm, Little Theatre


Director: Alexandre Arcady, France, 2014, 111min, French, Narrative/drama

In January of 2006, a beautiful young woman walks into a Parisian cell phone shop, looks around, flirts with the sales attendant, and asks for his phone number. Later, she calls him asking to meet. Who could have known that... more »

The Muses of Issac Bashevis Singer

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Thursday, July 16, 11am, JCC Hart Theatre


Director: Asaf Galay, Shaul Betser, Israel, 2014, 72min, English, Documentary

Isaac Bashevis Singer, the famous Yiddish writer and Nobel Prize winner, wrote with a “harem” of dozens of translators behind him. Beyond simple translation,... more »

Hanna's Journey

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Thursday, July 16, 1:30pm, JCC Hart Theatre


Director: Julia von Heinz, Germany, 2013, 100min, German/English/Hebrew, Narrative/Romance/Comedy

Based on a Theresa Bäuerlein novel, Hanna’s Journey is a provocative and engaging examination of the after effects of the Holocaust on third-generation Germans and Israelis.... more »


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Thursday, July 16, 6pm, Little Theatre


Director: Melissa R. Donovan, Ethiopia/USA, 2014, 69min, English, Documentary

An inspirational story of hope, love and unimaginable possibilities, this beautiful film follows a spirited 10-year-oldEthiopian girl, Zemene, as she fights to keep hope alive and survive her... more »

The Farewell Party

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Thursday, July 16, 9pm, Little Theatre


Director: Tal Granit, Sharon Maymon, Israel, 2014, 95min, Hebrew, Narrative/Drama/Comedy

Residents of a Jerusalem senior living home struggle with a decision to help a dying friend end his life with dignity in this surprisingly witty and tender take on the topic of... more »

Havana Curveball

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Saturday, July 18, 6pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Ken Schneider, Marcia Jarmel, Cuba, 2014, 55min, English/Spanish, Documentary/Sports

Mica is a classic young teen: enthusiastic, idealistic, and dreaming baseball. At 13, he is studying for his Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish coming-of-age rite. An earnest kid, he took to heart his Rabbi’s... more »

Zero Motivation

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Saturday, July 18, 8pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Talya Lavie, Israel, 2014, 100min, Hebrew, Narrative/Drama/Comedy

Private Benjamin meets M*A*S*H, speaks Hebrew, and keeps kosher. Set in a remote desert military base, a platoon of young women soldiers, all Israeli conscripts, serve out their time playing computer... more »

You Must Be Joking

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Saturday, July 18, 8pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Jake Wilson, USA, 2014, 91min, English, Narrative/Comedy

You Must Be Joking is a gut-busting warm comedy with no shortage of emotional outbursts, awkward office dynamics, and dysfunctional families. Twenty-something New Yorker Barb Schwartz (award-winning Sas... more »


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Sunday, July 19, 10:30-11:30am, JCC Resource Place


Director: Joel Simon, UK, 2012, 7min, English, Short/Family

Macropolis is the story of two toys discarded from a factory production line. Coming to life, they rebel and chase the factory delivery van in the hope of rejoining their friends. Lost in the unfamiliar, urban big... more »

The Dove Flyer

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Sunday, July 19, 2pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Nissim Dayan, Israel, 2013, 108min, Arabic, Narative/Drama

The story of Iraqi Jews who were forced to leave Iraq has never before been told in the cinema. Based on the best-selling novel by Eli Amir is this moving story of a family living in the most ancient Jewish community... more »


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Sunday, July 19, 6pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: John Goldschmidt, UK, 2014, 95min, English, Narrative/Drama/Comedy

Jonathan Pryce stars in this warm-hearted and humorous story about an old Jewish baker whose faltering business is inadvertently saved by his young Muslim apprentice. Widowed and down on his luck, Nat (Pryce) is... more »

The Last Mentsch

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Sunday, July 19, 8:30pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Pierre-Henry Salfati, France/Germany/Switzerland, 2014, 93min, German, Narrative/drama

Marcus Schwarz, an endearing and resilient man, has denied his Jewish heritage all his life. After surviving the horrors of Auschwitz, he spent a lifetime trying to forget by... more »

Serial (Bad) Weddings

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Monday, July 20, 7pm, Dryden Theatre


Director: Philippe de Chauveron, France, 2014, 97min, French, Narrative/Comedy

A bourgeois Catholic family is upended by a succession of multicultural marriages in this hilarious box office sensation - an unabashedly, politically incorrect romantic comedy that pokes... more »

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